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Mai. 9., 2006 11:14 pm

wow it has been a while since i last updated, it seems the my space thing has taken over and most my friends say they myspace
It is lonely on Livejournal
I got my license :D

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Feb. 1., 2006 10:11 pm

obviously, as my friends say I cant pull off emo (the last entry.
IT was my attempt to join the brotherhood of the emo which i failed miserably.
It's my hair, but what if i just shaved my head?
Would i look like a dumbass or a emo kid?
People vote, should i shave my head in the near future?
Doomsday= 2012(our graduation year XD)

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Jan. 26., 2006 10:42 pm depression, it's a thing of the future

i dunno, im usually happy
but i'v been just thinking on how my life sux and is boring
lol that means my livejournal is the most the exciting thing ever XD

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Jan. 17., 2006 09:58 pm Midterms

Hmm well midterms, they are interesting
After about 3 hours of studying, I went crazy. I demanded that I always wear a cape (my old bedsheet that smells bad).
Really studying and me just dont mix.
I feel overworked and tired, I can't wait for eine Fete und Freitag!!
(I'v been listening to the same song for about 2o mins)

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Jan. 8., 2006 02:36 am Whateva! I do what i want bitch

well it's 2:36 a.m Eastern time and all I can talk to is you, my livejournal..

I am supposed to be in bed, but I had to do a project and other school shit. >,< doh

Well this entry is going now where. I DO WHAT I WANT BITCH! WHATEVER! WHATEVER!

gotta love kartman

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Jan. 3., 2006 10:01 pm Mama Mi-a!

Well lj.com is losing to myspace.com, but I have a feeling that livejournal can recover.

mebbe they can have livejournal parties or start a cult, cause everyone joins cults.

I would just destroy myspace with its cheesy music options and pics.

Livejournal is better ----> old school and more gangsta

Myspace-------> the dark side

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